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Sellmark Acquires Kopfjäger

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2019/06/04) Sellmark is proud to announce the addition of Kopfjäger to the corporation’s family of popular brands. Launched in 2012 with the design of an innovative rifle rest, the popularity of Kopfjager products has skyrocketed.

Kopfjäger began humbly with a rifle rest designed, tested and redesigned by two SWAT officers, Garret Hellinger and Matt Banes. Given their LE experience, the two officers were looking for a way to minimize human factors, especially stress-induced, detrimental to precise shot placement. They also wanted to ensure their shooting rest solution was lightweight and mobile, yet rock-solid with fluid horizontal and vertical tracking.

Beginning in 2013, trials, errors and re-designs led to the introduction of the Reaper Rest, a tripod-mountable system that changed the way law enforcement and military operators were able to engage targets with precision accuracy. Shortly after the Reaper Rest was developed, Gabe Snyder joined Matt and Garret as a partner and began managing product design and development. Gabe’s efforts enhanced design, development and patentable innovation efforts tremendously and, in 2015, Kopfjäger unveiled the Reaper Grip. 

With the immediate rise of Kopfjäger ’s popularity among special-operations law enforcement officers and military personnel, scores of hunters and competitive shooters also took notice. The Reaper Grip took hunting and shooting by storm and positioned Kopfjäger on the industry’s leading edge.  

“Kopfjäger’s position as a leading rest manufacturer committed to enhancing shooting experiences for law enforcement and military personnel, as well as recreational hunters and shooters, made it a perfect fit in our family of brands,” stated Sellmark Founder and CEO, James Sellers.

Sellmark Corporation’s Executive Vice President of Sales, Jeff Murray added, “With Kopfjäger already recognized as the industry leader in its category, we can dedicate resources to both product innovation and continued growth. The opportunities are unlimited. This is an exciting time for Kopfjäger and Sellmark Corporation as a whole.”   

Effective immediately, Sellmark Corporation has assumed Kopfjäger’s day-to-day operations. Kopfjäger now joins Sellmark Corporation’s other brands headquartered in Mansfield, Texas.  

Sellmark Readies for the 2019 POMA Conference!

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2019/06/03) – Sellmark is proud to announce participation in the annual Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Conference. Regarded as the premier association of outdoor writers, photographers, videographers, social media influencers and TV and radio broadcasters, POMA hosts the leading conference in new locations year after year.

Attendees are generally comprised of hundreds of outdoor media professionals and 50 to 60 of POMA’s 185+ corporate partners. During the conference, media and corporate partners have the opportunity to participate in numerous seminars, a product showcase and POMA Camps event and a fun afternoon of shooting at varying distances.

If you happen to be one of the lucky conference attendees, make time to explore Pulsar, Sightmark and Firefield branded products under the Sellmark Corporation umbrella. Sellmark works diligently to produce innovative, ultra-reliable products designed to enhance shooting, hunting and outdoor lifestyles. Several buzzworthy products under each brand will be exhibited.

Sightmark: Make Your Mark

The popularity of Sightmark optics and shooting accessories has grown exponentially. During the conference, media guests can expect quality trigger time with Sightmark’s new high-tech Wraith digital riflescopes, ridiculously reliable RAM Series Ultra Shot reflex sights and precision long-range first- and second-focal-plane hunting and shooting riflescopes.  

Pulsar: Image. Quality

With enhanced features like picture-in-picture, built-in video and WiFi, long-lasting rechargeable lithium-Ion batteries and heat-signature detection ranges up to 2,000 yards away, Pulsar continues to build a reputation as the industry-leader in premium consumer thermal imaging and digital night vision optics. Since their unveiling at the 2019 SHOT Show, Pulsar Thermion thermal riflescopes, pocket-size Axion thermal monoculars and the all-new Digisight Ultra N-455 digital night vision scope have caused quite a stir among professional industry media and competitors alike.

Firefield: Forged in Victory

While Firefield branded products are perfectly priced for value, more and more shooting enthusiasts are learning victory is forged by unrelenting reliability. Media members should be ready for a closer look at Firefield’s Impact reflex sights, Barrage riflescopes, Scarab and Stronghold bipods, and AR-upgrade accessories like Verge handguards, Rival foregrips and more.

About POMA

More than 450 active outdoor industry communicators and corporate partners have selected POMA as their professional association. All members pledge to support and defend traditional outdoor sports and heritage endeavors, wildlife conservation and the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.