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About Sellmark

Sellmark is dedicated to making "brands that sell" by producing industry-leading outdoor lifestyle products and brands. Serving more than 50 countries, including retailers in every state across the United States, and are represented at Academy Sports and Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Scheels All Sports and other top retailers, Sellmark produces industry-leading products, including night vision, laser sights, boresights, thermal scopes, tactical rifle scopes, red dot sights, hunting scopes, shooting rests, and law enforcement products. Sellmark products and brands have been sold in more than 5,000 locations worldwide. Sellmark includes Sightmark, Pulsar, Firefield, Kopfjäger, BulletSafe, and INFORCE.

As a growing organization with a headquarters that boasts a manufacturing space, recent expansion, gym, sauna, basketball court, event space, bar, professional kitchen, and a ranch located in Fairfield, Texas, Sellmark is a place that fosters an engaged community. We promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle and innovation through positive leadership, strong ethics, and unequaled hard work. Sellmark encourages self-growth through a team-oriented approach, with the utmost respect for our coworkers and customers. Whether through various outings or impromptu cornhole tournaments at lunch – at Sellmark, our culture and outdoor lifestyle are celebrated at every opportunity. A result is a place that every employee is proud to call home.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process generally consists of three stages; a series of chats with our recruiter, assessments, and interviews, and a fourth stage with a test project for higher-level roles. The process usually takes anywhere from a week to four weeks, depending on how fast each stage is completed.

Sellmark seeks employees with the ability to contribute creatively in teams as well as work independently to achieve our vision—to be the No. 1 developer of brands and products for the outdoor lifestyle market.

  • Initial Application Review
  • A Series of Chats with our Talent Acquisition Team
  • Short Assessment
  • Interview with Future Colleagues
  • Final Interview with a Case Study or Test Project (Higher Level Roles)    

How We Hire

Growing our team is crucial to advancing our vision of being the number one developer of brands and products for the outdoor lifestyle.

We have a unique opportunity to show the world how an active outdoor lifestyle is fun, good for your health, and how our brands are the best in the market. To accomplish this, we need to add to our team of hardworking, self-motivated people who share our vision.

We can only achieve our mission with qualified, high-performing team members, which is why Sellmark has committed to focusing on our Talent. We have developed a Talent Acquisition process designed to find the most experienced people who are also the best fit for Sellmark and our Culture.

We know hiring works best when it’s a two-way street — we want you to be able to make a well-informed decision (along with us). That's why our hiring process includes touchpoints that help you get to know our company culture and envision what to expect in your future role at Sellmark. How we treat our candidates says a lot about who we are, and every touch point is designed to show our culture and how we treat our employees.

Hiring Process FAQ

We strive to conduct an initial review of all applications within 7 days and always get back to you with our decision.

If your application meets our requirements for the role you applied for, you’ll meet over Zoom with one of our Talent Acquisition Recruiters for 20-30 minutes. During the call, we'll provide more context about the role you applied for and about Sellmark in general. You'll have the opportunity to tell us about your career trajectory and interest in Sellmark. We may ask you some standard role-related questions, and we'll answer any pressing questions you may have.

The next phase is an interview with your future colleagues, which usually includes the hiring manager and other people you will work with daily.

If you are in a higher-level role, then our Talent Acquisition Team will schedule a biographical interview, which is a longer chat to discuss your background in more detail.

A biographical interview is a conversation that reviews your history to understand what you have done in your life and why. We all make decisions based on our own heuristics, which is how we are wired to think and behave, which gives us the insight to understand better what motivates you and where you might be the best fit.

Should you continue through the hiring process to the final round of interviews, you'll meet with one of our Senior Directors and another member of our leadership team. These conversations allow you to get to know our leadership and ask any outstanding questions that will help you make a well-informed decision. They also enable everyone (both candidates and Sellmark) to validate alignment on mutual expectations.

Test projects and Case Studies are role-specific assignments that simulate work you’d actually do at Sellmark. They reveal the kinds of challenges you can expect to face on the job and provide an opportunity to showcase your best work. At Sellmark, we know that job satisfaction impacts overall happiness and well-being, and test projects can also help you assess role fit to make the right job decision with high confidence.

All test projects are role-specific and completed asynchronously on your own time. We won't ask you to perform tasks under the stress of live interviews, assign general brain teasers, or ask you to solve purely academic puzzles, all of which often set candidates up for failure.

We view hiring decisions as long-term investments in our team, and test projects enable us to make these decisions with high confidence. Research indicates that traditional interviews are extremely prone to bias and unreliable predictors of future employee success or satisfaction. In contrast, work-sample tests are reported to be more accurate predictors of future performance.

We're constantly striving to improve our culture and processes at Sellmark because that will help us to find the right people that want to work here. We are working to have an average retention rate of 95% annually by having highly motivated and engaged employees that love coming to work.

Test projects are designed to evaluate skills, competencies, and essential functions required to succeed in a given role. Many are inspired by scenarios that team members have encountered in the past, but all test projects represent the types of challenges you can expect to face in your role at Sellmark.

We will work with you to give you enough time to prepare your test project. A final panel of future colleagues will evaluate your submission against a clearly defined rubric of role-specific competencies and broader skills required to succeed in a given role. This approach further reduces bias and ensures reviewers can assess your work objectively.

Depending on the role, candidates can anticipate investing 2-3 hours to complete their first round of interviews with the hiring manager. Completing the second round of interviews with the test project may require an additional 2 to 5 hours over another 7 to 14 days.

Prior to your initial chat with Talent Acquisition, we'll share compensation for the role you applied for, and we’ll address any other critical questions in that initial conversation. We're also happy to accommodate individual circumstances that may justify or warrant timeline adjustments for each hiring stage (within reason), e.g., extending a test project deadline.

After each stage of the hiring process, we'll usually deliver a decision within 2-3 business days. If time is a determining factor for you (e.g., you have another offer on the table), it's possible to breeze through the entire process quickly, and we will work with you to adjust our timing as much as possible. Just as we allow flexibility to extend the timeline when such an extension is warranted, we'd love for you to let us know if you'd prefer to expedite the process. That said, we do not skip stages to ensure that the hiring process remains fair for all candidates.

We understand that investing time in test projects on top of other work or personal obligations can be daunting. In line with our core value of building trust, we strive to give you the information you need upfront to help you decide whether you should invest the time.

We hope this gives you insight into how we approach growing our fully distributed team. If you have questions or need a reasonable accommodation to participate in our hiring process (e.g., due to a disability) please reach out to us. Excited about the prospect of joining our team?

You can submit a resume for future consideration by clicking here.

Sellmark Talent Philosophy

At Sellmark, we work to develop a cohesive, fair, and collegial culture. To that end, we try to communicate with our employees what that culture should be and the expectations for every employee. Sellmark Leadership has developed a Sellmark Talent Philosophy, a shared philosophy on how all managers and employees will be managed. We hope this gives you some further insight into working here at Sellmark.

The Sellmark Talent Philosophy is an extension of our Core Values and Culture. The talent philosophy provides some basic guidelines or ‘Rules of the Road’ on how we hire, release, and promote. These are the expectations we have for our leadership and employees.

At Sellmark, we strive to be masters of our roles, work to achieve our potential, and deliver high quality results on time. We expect everyone to be a self-starter and to take responsibility for the contributions of their work and team, while being committed to improving themself and encouraging the best for everyone in the organization. From the top down, we expect everyone to develop stretch goals, clear objectives, and to focus on outcomes that contribute to the success of Sellmark.

We want everyone to realize their potential and be successful. When the organization succeeds, we all succeed. Sellmark has grown from a small company to the one we are today by having a professional, friendly, and encouraging environment. We care for each other and expect that our managers will care for their employees, develop, and coach them. We expect everyone to be collaborative, team-oriented, and to speak up with healthy, honest discourse. We work hard to complete our objectives, which means we will go above and beyond for the success of the team and the organization.

Sellmark will invest in employees who work hard, are self-starters, are motivated, and invest in themselves with continuous learning. Everyone will be given the opportunity to grow, as well as the tools to move forward in their career and personal life; however, everyone must take ownership of their development. Identified, high-potential employees will receive additional investment to grow. Employees must advocate for themselves and openly communicate if they are not receiving the resources or support needed. We expect everyone to help grow other employees and leaders.

We care about our people and show that through our words and actions. Managers must communicate Company strategies, goals, and metrics with employees. Managers will be transparent with individuals regarding where they are seen in their roles and within the organization. Managers will provide regular, documented coaching check-ins with their direct reports. Wins should be celebrated across the entire organization. Honest and transparent conversations about advancement and where each employee stands should happen regularly, but no less than yearly. We expect everyone to ensure scalability within the organization by documenting processes, best practices, and sharing information. 


Everyone is accountable for taking ownership of their role, getting their work done, and for the success of the team and the organization. Part of performance evaluation will be setting challenging goals and the action plan to achieve those goals. For the Company to be successful, everyone must be accountable to themselves and others for their performance, and for the ability to identify and learn from mistakes, so they are ready to do better next time.

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