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2017 a Banner Year for Sellmark

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2017/01/03) – 2017 turned out to be a banner year for Sellmark Corporation. The company experienced goal-shattering growth across all currently supported brands, increasing market share and the company’s industry footprint throughout the US and Europe. While many in the industry slumped early in 2017, Sellmark’s continued growth increased employment both in Texas and abroad and fueled advances in product development sure to turn heads in 2018.

To underscore the Sellmark’s successful business strategy, the company recently unveiled a new corporate logo. “The logo mirrors our view of the two unique, components of Sellmark that really drive our success, sales, and marketing; thus, the name Sellmark,” stated Jeremy Helm, Sellmark’s creative director. “The previous logo didn’t highlight this combined effort. Sales and marketing work together here to build a single, solid ideal and the results continue to carry our brands to new heights.”

Along with growth this year, came recognition and business accolades. Sellmark Corporation was listed as one of Tarrant County, Texas’ top five women-owned companies and soon after, recognized as a finalist for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce 2017 Small Business of the Year Award.

While Sellmark Corporation was founded in 2000, literally starting in a garage, the company transitioned from offering marketing services in a difficult, upheaved economic climate to product distribution in 2002. In 2007, Sellmark shifted focus to meet the demanding needs of outdoor industry customers by designing and manufacturing a wide array of innovative, relevant and practical outdoor products as diverse and versatile as the company’s brands and categories.

In 2017, born of the desire to support regional, state, national and even international law enforcement personnel, including forestry and wildlife officers in every climb and place, Sellmark added a law enforcement division to its Texas headquarters to work with uniformed individuals and agencies exclusively. The department is headed by career police officer, Rich Collier, a 17-year police veteran who continues to serve today.

Through 2017, Sellmark continued to provide products specifically designed to enhance the outdoor experiences of both professional and recreational consumers in more than 50 countries, on six continents. To further enhance efficiency and service to consumers abroad, Sellmark OOD was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria and now serves as Sellmark’s European headquarters.

In 2018, Sellmark Corporation is planning to add over 20% to its global workforce and expand further into international markets. Sellmark is also currently seeking additional strategic partnerships and looks to acquire brands and technology to further grow business and better serve consumers. In addition to workforce growth and partnerships, Sellmark also seeks to hire manufacturing representatives in special markets (law enforcement, outdoor).

With nearly two decades of work and dedication to outdoor enthusiasts, Sellmark has become a highly respected industry innovator with four brands (Sightmark, Firefield, 12 Survivors and Head Tilt) under its corporate belt, as well as an exclusive North American strategic partnership with Pulsar, a world-leader in thermal imaging and night vision technology.

Certainly, 2017 positioned Sellmark for a bright future and emphasized the importance of sell-marketing in today’s outdoor industry business model; in fact, 2018 already holds a string of achievements waiting in the wings, including a 33,000 sq.-ft. expansion to keep up with Sellmark’s growth.