Sellmark is dedicated to building Brands That Sell and has accomplished this by developing, acquiring, manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing outdoor products.



Sellmark Corporation through the years has grown to be a leader and innovator in the outdoor industry. Honored with local, regional and national awards, Sellmark is proud of its innovation-driven products.

Our Vision

To be the number one developer of brands and products for the outdoor lifestyle markets.

Meet the Team

Sellmark Corporation wouldn't be where it is today without the hard-work and ingenuity of our team. Meet the members that continually push the envelope to make this business as successful as possible.

"When good people work hard to achieve something great, any hardship can be endured and any obstacle can be overcome."

James Sellers  I  Sellmark CEO

What Sets Us Apart

Sellmark is committed to doing business with honesty, integrity, respect and dedication—these core values are what make up the very foundation of the company. Sellmark hires, trains and retains highly qualified people who perform their duties with the utmost respect and professionalism towards their customers and fellow coworkers. Sellmark’s goal is to maintain a staff that’s constantly striving to achieve its full potential through hard work and a fun learning environment.

  • Ethics – Value honesty, respect, tolerance, openness and alignment of interests towards fulfilling our purpose
  • Hard Work – Facilitate efficiency, maximize productivity, uncover new ways to be effective
  • Encouraging and Positive Leadership – Encourage people to do their best, support them in efforts to improve themselves and be a positive influence on others
  • Realizing Our Potential – Utilize individual’s unique skills, unleash untapped potential, facilitate growth through team efforts
  • Continuous Learning – Seek truth, value education, training and lifetime pursuit of knowledge
  • Customer Focus – Respect the customer, value customer service, listen to market requests and trends
  • Innovation and Creativity – Be resourceful, embrace change, be unique
  • Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle – Promote the outdoor ethos, stay active, respect nature, leave the Earth a little better than we found it and encourage others to do the same.

Sellmark Corporation

Sellmark Corporation is located in Mansfield TX and is the hub for all sales, marketing, quality assurance, and warehousing of Sellmark brands.

Contact Info:

2201 Heritage Pkwy

Mansfield, TX 76063

Phone: 817-225-0310

Sellmark OOD (Europe, Africa, Western Asia)

Sellmark OOD, located in Sofia, is Sellmark's first international headquarters. The addition of Sellmark OOD allows us to better serve the European market and target the specific needs of our eastern consumers.

Contact Info:

94 Iliyantsi Blvd, Building "Milenium LTD", Area PA Iliyantsi - East

1220 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: +359-2-434-3287